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A comparative analysis of the predicted secretomes of Lactic Acid Bacteria

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The LaCOGs generated by [1] were extended with newly sequenced genomes by BlastP. In addition, a complete self-to-self Inparanoid [2] search was performed with the chromosomal sequences of the new genomes to identify ortholog groups. The ortholog clusters were used as a basis to perform BlastP searches with proteins that were not yet clustered. Newly made LaCOGs were merged with the extended Makarova LaCOGs. The remaining proteins were Blasted against all completely sequenced bacterial genomes. Those that showed only distant homologs or no homologs were named "distant homologs" and "ORFan"s, respectively.

The above formed clusters were then combined with the SCL prediction made by LocateP [3].

Extra information of protein functional domains and protein feature-specific motifs were detected using Pfam and MEME. The LAB-Secretome database [4] was constructed using MySQL and PHP.

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