Day 1: Unix/Linux/Networks

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General introduction to the course program.



Make an elementary network analysis by completing the exercises in chapter one of the course manual.



An online tutorial on the use of most frequently used *ux commands can be found at Suggestion: for the morning session, work on tutorial 1-6 and 8. Tutorial 7 is for the afternoon session, together with the exercises from chapter two in the course manual.

Supplementary material

  1. Properties of amino acids
  2. A small sequence for serching restriction site(s). Search for the HindII pattern GT[CT][AG]AC
  3. Infrared spectrum of an Sf9 cell culture
  4. First part of the J-Camp to XY-data pair converter. To be completed by putting all Y-values in a single column.
  5. First half of the XY-data pair file, containing the X-values (wavenumbers).